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Clubs are open or private groups that all users can create and manage in complete autonomy. Each user can create one club at a time and has complete control over the contents. Is also possible to monetize the clubs with the paid subscriptions and entries.

Remember that only Plus and SPONSOR can charge for clubs!

How to create a Club?

Creating a club is simple; just go to this page and follow the procedure listed below.

You have to press the start a club button on the right corner of the sidebar.


If you use a mobile phone, remember that the sidebar will be at the bottom after the main content that shows on the left.


Once you start the process of creating the club you will be faced with this form that you will have to fill out.

  • Public Clubs are available only for Administrators and Helpers


As specified above, it is possible to charge members with a fee or a renewal based on own preference.paid.PNG.c372e4b87ca22fce6282bd12cc2768c1.PNG

Congratulations! Let's see what else we can do once our club has been created!


By pressing Manage Club button, you will be allowed to create own Forums, Blog, Calendar, Files, Images and Adverts. By pressing one of those features first you will need to create a new tab (like Marketplace and Downloads in the picture above).

It's possible also manage also club moderators and kick members from the club.


Now you know everything you need to know about Clubs. Have fun!

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